Moonboxes are tough ~ waterproof ~ detachable bicycle panniers made from recyclable corrugated plastic.  Named for their half-moon shape, these hard-shell panniers are unique in style and available in a variety of bold colors.  Originally designed by Mark Marsee in 2003 as a D.I.Y. bike box made from recycled election signs, they have now been used extensively by many people on cross country bicycle trips and cross town errand running. Util is now offering a polished version in a variety of sizes at a competitive price.

Please enjoy our infomercial : Moonboxes™ and check out photos of these early prototypes:


2 moons and gondola

floating MBfrontpannier

This one features the “gondola” style Moonbox which mounts on top of your rack:gondola jack

Moonbox worn as a shoulder bag for going into the grocery store.  Or as a purse:PatriceMB        moonboxslim1

These are archival photos of moonboxes on the road in the winter of 2009:

migration2009 MB MB on migration 09


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