Meeting Edo Kite Master Mikio Toki

Two weeks ago, we had the privilege of getting to know Mikio Toki at the Washington State International Kite Festival. Mikio is a world renowned Edo kite maker and teacher. He travels the globe sharing the beauty and history of the traditional Edo kites. Below, is a one of his pieces entitled Rashomon:


Mr. Toki makes the kites completely from hand, cutting the bamboo, making the hummer, painting the colorful kites and braiding the bridle line. Here’s a link where he teaches you the process:

Mikio seemed very excited to see MOTHRA1 fly. He calligraphed MOTHRA in Japanese on several of our print outs. One of the scanned prints is below: 


We even got to enjoy Mikio sing a rendition of the original Mothra theme song. Special thanks to Mikio Toki and everyone else at the WSIKF.  We hope to go back for many years to come. 


Ed and Mikio Showing off there matching incisors.



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