Util is a social design collaborative that promotes the conservation of natural resources and alternative energy production.  We are launching an online catalog of useful products for a sustainable planet.  Please join us. . .

We believe a healthy lifestyle involves spending a lot of time outdoors.  Our products and projects encourage people to get out, ride a bike, fly a kite, grow food, make things & get stuff done while having fun…

Products under development: Moonboxes™, Compact Cargo Bicycle, Rocket Stove, Solar Oven, Composting Ring, Composting Toilet on Wheels, Organic Clothing, Rainwater Collection, Solar Powered Irrigation, Utility Kites, Kite Energy Systems, and more. . .

Although we are still in the product development stage of our start-up, we are dedicated to sharing ideas in the spirit of the open source movement.  For this reason we have created an early version of the website featuring  prototype products and general information.  We are hoping to attract interest, input, and traction as we move forward.

As part of our commitment to education, Util is producing a documentary about airborne wind energy entitled  AWE.  It chronicles the making and flying of MOTHRA1, a 3000 sq. ft. prototype kite farm against the backdrop of Wind Energy Politics and the challenges presented by tapping this vast and powerful resource of upper wind.  Click here for the first production preview. Stay tuned for updates by checking the blog.

Check out our social media on:   facebook,   youtube,   twitter

Contact us at utilmovement@gmail.com to become involved… Makers, scientists, engineers, product developers and philanthropists are especially welcome.  Thank you.

“Always desire to learn something useful…” Sophicles


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